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Tips for Custom Application Templates in the ATS

As the application template is configurable by you to gather additional information from your applicants, here are some tips for creating/editing your application templates.

Indeed Apply Warning


If Indeed Apply has been enabled, you will see a warning when adding or editing the Application Template that modifying the work and/or education experience sections can impact compatibility with Indeed Apply. Modifying the work and/or education experience sections can affect posting your job.

Adding Contact Info to ADA Statement

It is important to add contact information to the ADA statement for any applicants with questions. As the default ADA statement does not include any contact information, you will need to disable the default ADA statement first.

  • Click the Edit Edit_Icon_-_00.png icon towards the top-right of the ADA Statement.


  • Uncheck the "Use Default ADA Statement" checkbox.


  • Add the contact information to the ADA statement


  • Click OK and save your changes to your application template.

Avoid Editing the Contact Information Field

  • We advise against modifying the fields of the Contact Information section of the Contact Info step as it can impact other aspects of the candidate's application process and result in unexpected behavior.
  • The Email should not be moved and should always be one of the first things listed in your application template. The email address is used as the unique identifier to help track your applicants.
  • The only fields that are okay to be modified are the Alt Phone 1/2 fields.
  • If you are wanting to request additional contact information from an applicant, it is best to create the fields in other sections or make a new section; not create new fields in the Contact Information section.

Disable "Required Input" Before Hiding

When hiding a field, make sure that the field is not a required field as setting a required field to be hidden can result in unexpected behavior. Before hiding a required field, the "required input" setting should be disabled.

  • Click the Edit Edit_Icon_-_00.png icon for a field.


  • Set "Required Input" to "No" in the window that appears.


  • Click OK and save your changes to your application template.

When Adding New Fields

  • When adding a new field to your application template, it is important to give the new field a  unique name to mitigate any confusion/issues that can result from multiple fields having the same field name.


  • The English Label Text will be the text that is displayed to the applicant.


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