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Setting Up Spanish Translation for an Application Template in the ATS

Setting up your Application Templates with Spanish translations can help you reach more potential candidates and help them feel more comfortable as they fill out your job application(s). The process for creating a Spanish application template is similar to creating an English application template but offers fields to provide Spanish text.

When reviewing your candidate's responses, keep in mind that their responses will remain in their original language. For example, if a candidate responds to a question in Spanish, you will review the question in English, but the response will be in Spanish.

  • Go to Administration and click App Templates.



  • Click Add New App Template or click Edit for an existing template.


  • Enable English and Spanish under "Supported Languages". Use the "View Definition In" drop-down to switch between the English or Spanish view.


  • If the application template has any existing custom fields, be sure to add a Spanish label for the field. Default fields should already have a Spanish translation. 
    • Click the pencil icon to edit a section.


    • Click the pencil icon for a field and enter the Spanish text into the provided field. 


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