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Reviewing Other Employees' Time Cards on ExakTime Mobile

If enabled, you can review your own and other employees' time card from ExakTime Mobile. 

Please keep in mind that the time cards you are viewing throughout the week may not be the final time cards, as your ExakTime administrator may need to make corrections. If you have any questions or concerns about the time on a time card, please consult your ExakTime administrator.

At this time, Time Cards on ExakTime Mobile will only show locations, cost codes, clock in/out times, and hours/minutes. Information such as comments, FaceFront photos, vicinity to locations, equipment, etc. can only be viewed on ExakTime Connect with Time Card Details or Reports.

If you are unable to view other employee's time cards or an employee is not listed, please consult your ExakTime Administrator for assistance. 

  • Tap Time Cards from the bottom (if using iOS) or from the top (if using Android).


  • Tap the employee icon EM_-_Time_Card_-_Employee_Icon.png in the top right to select the employee time cards to view. Tap Me to view your own time card. Use Recents/Employees to select other employees to view.


  • Tap the Date Range in the top-left to view previous time cards. You can view the latest time card and up to 5 previous time cards.


  • Tap the sync icon EM_-_Time_Card_Sync_Icon.png  in the top-right to refresh your time card and view the latest information.


  • Towards the top of your time card will be your total work hours and a break down of your hours over Regular, OT1 (Overtime), OT2 (Doubletime), and Unpaid (from a manual meal break or unpaid time off) time.


  • The bottom of your time card will list how current the time card shown is. If it is not current, tap the sync icon as shown above. If you are unable to sync the time card, make sure that you have internet access.


  • Tap on a day of the week to view the time records for the day.


  • Tapping the total time for a time record will show a breakdown of the hours across regular, OT1 (overtime), OT2 (doubletime), and unpaid (from a manual meal break or unpaid time off) time.


  • A red exclamation point icon EM_-_Time_Card_-_Red_Icon.png is shown for any day that contains an incomplete time record. The incomplete time record will also have the icon and will have an hourly/daily total of "0h 0m". The time record will be complete when there is a clock out time, either through ExakTime Connect or ExakTime Mobile. 


  • A yellow exclamation point icon EM_-_Time_Card_-_Yellow_Icon.png is shown for any day that may require additional attention, such as a missing meal break. Expanding the day will allow you to see what needs to be done. If there are any issues, you should consult your ExakTime Administrator for the next steps.


  • You will see a grayed-out "0h 0m" if there are no hours for the day.


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