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How to Track your Meal Break in ExakTime Mobile

If enabled for your account, you will be able to track when you begin and end your meal breaks in ExakTime Mobile. You will see a "Meal Break" button beneath your GO and STOP buttons on the time clock screen. If you do not see the "Meal Break" button as expected, contact your ExakTime administrator for assistance. 

Tracking Your Meal Break

  • Press Meal Break to begin your meal break. You will see a confirmation screen that your meal break has started.

    EM_-_AND_-_Meal_Break_-_01.png EM_-_AND_-_Meal_Break_-_02.png

  • The button text should change to "End Meal Break" and the GO/STOP buttons will be not-clickable. The timer near the top of ExakTime Mobile will let you know how long your meal break has been. Tapping it will show you when the meal break started.

    EM_-_AND_-_Meal_Break_-_03.png EM_-_AND_-_Meal_Break_-_04.png

  • When you are done with your meal break, press End Meal Break. You will be clocked in to your previous location and cost code before you started your meal break. Depending on your company's settings, you may be unable to end your meal break early or may receive a message if you try to end it early. You can tap OK to end your meal break early.

    EM_-_AND_-_Meal_Break_-_06.png EM_-_AND_-_Meal_Break_-_05.png


If you are logged in and clocked in to ExakTime Mobile, you may see a notification like the below examples reminding you that you have an upcoming meal break and when your meal break will be ending.

EM_-_AND_-_Meal_Break_-_Noti_-_02.png EM_-_AND_-_Meal_Break_-_Noti_-_04.png

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