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How to Make Sure Employees Were On-Site

As an ExakTime Administrator, you may not have much interaction with your field employees and are unable to monitor every single employee when working. While we cannot monitor all of their actions, we offer a number of options to help make sure that the employees were on-site to varying degrees. All the options we offer rely on the mobile device that the employee is using to provide ExakTime with GPS data. If an employee shares a device or if they are clocked in/out by a supervisor may not provide accurate data.

Requiring Location Services/GPS

When using ExakTime Mobile, if an employee's mobile device is able to provide ExakTime Mobile with GPS data, we will associate the data with the employee's time punch.

We offer two options that can help improve the chances of ExakTime Mobile associating GPS data with your employees' punches; Require Locations Services and Require GPS.

For more information about these settings and others, you can refer to the following dedicated article about Mobile Settings.

Reviewing Employee Time Punches

From the time card details page, you can see if an employee's time punch was created within the Geofence of the location of their time record.

When reviewing a time punch, the i icon next to the time punch will be color coded.


The color codes are:

  • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__No-GPS.png - A blue icon indicates that there is no GPS associated with this time record. This can be due to:
    • Lack of location services at the time of creating the punch on ExakTime Mobile.
    • If the time record was created manually from within ExakTime Connect.
    • if the time record was created automatically by the system such as a midnight split.
  • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Location-No-GPS.png - A grey icon indicates that there is GPS associated with the time record, but the location for the time record does not yet have a GPS coordinate.
  • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Outside-GeoFence.png - A red icon indicates that the GPS for the time record is outside the GeoFence of the location of the time record.
  • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Inside-GeoFence.png - A green icon indicates that the GPS for the time record is within the GeoFence of the location of the time record.
  • ETC_-_Time_Card_Details_-_i_icon_-_Meal_Break_-_01.png - A yellow icon indicates that the employee clocked in early from a meal break and is not location related. 

Hovering over the i icon will provide additional information such as the device being outside of the Geofence, within the Geofence, or having GPS data with the time punch, but the location not having a Geofence.


Using Map View

While reviewing the time card details, you can click the globe icon for a time record or navigate to Tools and click Map View to view where the employee was when clocking in/out.



Use Geofence Warning/Restrictions

Geofence warnings and restrictions can be used to help make sure that an employee was on-site when clocking in/out by warning or restricting an employee when clocking in/out to a location that they are not within the Geofence of.


For more information about setting up and using Geofence Warnings/Restrictions, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

Using GeoTrakker

GeoTrakker is perhaps our most intense option as it allows you to track the movement of a mobile device throughout the day. As it is tracking a mobile device more consistently, it can result in decreased battery life.


For more information about setting up and using GeoTrakker, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

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