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Sponsoring Job Postings with Indeed

To sponsor a post with Indeed, you will post the job as normal in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and pay your Indeed rep directly to sponsor the Indeed post. You will not pay for Indeed-sponsored posts through the ATS.

If you have purchased sponsored job postings through Indeed, please follow this process to ensure Indeed recognizes that the job is sponsored when fed through the ATS.

  • Please work with your Indeed Account Manager to agree on a special tag(s) per campaign or sponsored postings purchased.
  • When creating the job in the ATS they need to include this tag in the description of the job
  • Indeed will scan the job posting for that special tag and if it exists, move that job to the correct sponsored campaign.
    • If the tag doesn’t exist, the job will continue as a regular posting.
  • All troubleshooting will be done by Indeed

All troubleshooting should be coordinated with Indeed.

Special Considerations

Unsupported Character - Tilde (~)

All of our job applications contain a tilde (~) character and should not impact the process for Indeed-sponsored job postings. 

Using White Text to Hide Special Tag(s)

If you do not want to show the special tag in the job description, you can color the text to white. The white text does not show on the Indeed postings. Please note that some job boards do not format text color and this may show on some other job boards.

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