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Priorities & KPI's Overview

Priorities and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are used to measure progress towards goals, can be tracked and easily measured here. A widely recognized method of benchmarking your company's performance against others in the industry, KPIs can be assigned to employee personal and company goals in the system. Create Priorities, create KPIs that make up individual measurements against that Priority and finally assign KPIs to goals. Use the dashboard to measure the performance, view historical data created overtime and to help you find indicators of future performance.

Note: Priorities must be created prior to creating KPIs.

Priorities are added first and then KPIs can be added. Once Priorities and KPIs are added employees can select a KPI when creating personal goals.


  • Green: Priority Met, Complete, or On Target
  • Yellow: Priority in Progress and within Acceptable Set Range.
  • Red: Priority has just begun, In Progress, or In Need of Attention.

Clicking on the triangle of a priority will expand to view the KPI for each as well as the goals and the goal progress that is helping to drive the KPI and priority.


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