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KPI's Overview

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are a series of defined measures that are used by an organization to measure progress towards achieving defined Priorities. The KPI's Tab provides the ability to define KPI's and associate them to Priorities defined via the Priorities Tab.

In general, KPI's should share the following characteristics:

  • Measurable - KPI's should be clearly measurable
  • Assignable - KPI's should be assigned to an "Owner", or a resource within the organization that is responsible for reporting data against the KPI and driving goals towards achievement of the Target
  • Definable (Target) - KPI's should be assigned a Target Value for what will be considered a successful result. This result should also have a Target Date defined for when this result should be achieved

Once KPI's are defined, Goals (assigned to individuals) are often associated to KPI's in order to align behaviors of employees with the successful achievement of the KPI Targets.


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