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Priorities & KPI's - Dashboard

The Dashboard provides real time status and progress of the company's priorities and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). You have the visibility from the company level as well as the ability to drill into the KPI and view the impact that employees' individual goals have on the overall progress.

From here you can also drill into the priority and look at the KPIs and personal goals assigned to that priority.

Clicking the small triangle towards the left of a prioritywill expand it and show you the KPI's assigned.

The Owner column will show you manager assigned to the KPI to follow up.

The indicator will tell you the progress in meeting the Priority for the quarter or year.



Q: What is KPI?
A: Key Performance Indicator

Q: Can I assign more than one manager to a KPI?
A: No, but you can create a second KPI with a similar name and assign that to a different manager.

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