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Release Tab for Surveys in Core HR

The Release tab allows you to prepare the survey message for release to respondents.

Navigating to the Release Tab for Surveys
  • From the menu, expand Settings and click Surveys.


  • Click the name of the survey if editing. Otherwise, use the Action drop-down menu and click Create Survey.


  • Click the Release tab.



  • Subject - The subject of the email to be sent.
  • Email Body - The body of the email to be sent to respondents.
  • Save the Subject and Email Body Release Information with this Survey - If you will release this survey multiple times and intend to use the same messaging, this checkbox will retain the text entered into the subject and email body.
  • Send Test Message - Will send a test email message to the logged-in user to preview the survey release.
  • Release Survey -Will release the survey to the employees added in the "Employee Group" tab. Once done, the survey is live for respondents.
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