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How to Create a Survey for Core HR

Surveys allow you to gather information about your employees' needs, desires, and sentiments. With a survey, you can create a set of questions that will be distributed to employee(s) of your organization.

You will go through the following steps/tabs when creating your survey:

  1. Properties Tab
  2. Questions Tab
  3. Employee Group Tab
  4. Preview Tab
  5. Release Tab
Navigating to Create a Survey
  • From the menu, expand Settings and click Surveys.


  • The Surveys page will list any previously created Surveys. 


  • Use the Actions drop-down menu and click Create Survey.


Properties Tab

Checkbox Options


  • Activate this Survey for the Configured Respondents – Activates the survey for distribution via the Release Tab, Workflows, or Applicant Tracking jobs (Job Posting Contacts).
  • Results gathered in this survey will be anonymous – Answers provided by the employee groups will not identify the employees to the answers they provided.
  • This Survey should be graded (Correct answers must be identified for each question) - Provides the ability to add questions that are correct or incorrect.
  • Display incorrectly answered questions along with correct answers to respondents at the end of the survey – The survey will display the correctly and incorrectly answered questions after the respondent has completed the survey.

Text Fields


  • Name for your survey
  • Description of the survey. This description will only be available for Administrators to view 
  • Instructions to respondents - Employees will be able to view the text added to this box, and any special instructions or descriptions can be added here 
  • Confirmation text

Questions Tab

The Questions tab allows you to create questions that your respondents can answer.


  • Name - The question to be asked
  • Reply Type - The type of question to be asked.
  • Seq. # - The ordering of the questions.
  • Page # - The page where the question will be presented.
  • Active


Clicking the CHR_-_Filter_Icon.png filter icon allows you to select which page of questions to view.


Adding/Editing a Question

  1. Click the name of the question if editing. Otherwise, use the Action drop-down menu and click Add Survey Question.


  2. Enter/edit the following information for your question.


    • Question - Type your question as it will be seen by the respondent.
    • Seq. Number - Determines the display order of questions within the survey.
    • Page Number - If this is a multiple-page survey, select the page number. Surveys can be broken out by pages, and this box determines which page the question will appear on 
    • Reply Type - There are 13 reply types available in surveys that allow for both multiple-choice or free text responses from employees.


    • This Question is Active in this Survey - Checkbox to make the question active.
    • Retain Options for next question - If using one of the 3 multiple-choice options you can also choose to retain the options for the next question. Continue to check this box through all the survey questions that you will create.
  3. When finished, click Add Question.
  4. If the question requires responses, refer to the Responses section.
  5. When you are done setting up the question, click Close to return to the list of questions.


Setting Up Responses

If applicable, add the response(s) to the question. Existing responses will be listed at the bottom.


Adding a Response

  • Enter the following information for your response(s).
    • Option - The name of the response the employee can select (ie: Satisfied, XL, Meets Expectations). 
    • Seq. Number - Determines the order in which responses will display to employees 
    • Correct Option - If the survey is graded, check this box to denote the correct response for the given question.
  • When finished, click Add Option. The new response will populate the list/table below. Repeat as needed. 

Deleting a Response

Use the Delete.gif icon towards the right of a response to delete it. There will be no confirmation to delete the response, so be sure that it should be deleted. 


For more information about the Questions tab, please refer to the following article.

Employee Group Tab

The Employee Groups tab allows you to send the survey to individuals or multiple employees using employee groups.


  • Select the employee group that should receive the survey, then click Add to Survey>>. For more information about setting up employee groups, you can refer to the following article.


  • The employees from the selected employee group(s) will populate the employee list at the bottom of the page. 


Deleting Specific Employee(s) from List

  • Use the check box towards the right-hand side of the employee(s) populating the employee list.


  • Use the Actions drop-down menu and click Delete Selected Records.


  • Confirm the deletion of the employee(s).


For more information about the Employee Groups tab, please refer to the following article.

Preview Tab

The Preview tab allows you to preview how the survey will appear for respondents.


Use the "Preview Page" drop-down menu and click Refresh to view a different page of questions.

Release Tab

The Release tab allows you to prepare the survey message for release to respondents.


  • Subject - The subject of the email to be sent.
  • Email Body - The body of the email to be sent to respondents.
  • Save the Subject and Email Body Release Information with this Survey - If you will release this survey multiple times and intend to use the same messaging, this checkbox will retain the text entered into the subject and email body.
  • Send Test Message - Will send a test email message to the logged-in user to preview the survey release.
  • Release Survey -Will release the survey to the employees added in the "Employee Group" tab. Once done, the survey is live for respondents.
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