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Reports for Surveys in Core HR

The reports tab allows you to generate reports for a selected survey.

Navigating to Reports for Surveys
  • From the menu, expand Settings and click Surveys.


  • Click the Reports tab.



Selecting a Survey to Report

To select the survey to report on, click the CHR_-_Filter_Icon.pngfilter icon, select the survey from the drop-down list, then click Refresh Results.


List of Survey Reports

Report Name Description
Survey Status Reports Displays which Respondents have and have not completed the Survey.
Survey Summary Reports Displays the results of each question in summary format.
Survey Summary Reports - Graphical Displays a graphical representation of the responses for each question in the survey.
Survey Summary Reports with Text Answers Displays the results of each question in summary format along with any Text (narrative) answers.
Survey Summary Reports with Text Answers Only Displays the responses for Text (narrative) answers only.
Survey Detail Reports Displays the responses for each survey question by each Survey Respondent.
Printable Survey Reports Displays a printable version of the survey.

Anonymous Results

If the properties for a survey have the "Results Gathered in this survey will be anonymous" option enabled it will result in the "Survey Status Reports" not generating any data.


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