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Time & Attendance Settings - Time Clock Config - Software Time Clock

The Software Time Clock tab provides the link for the stand-alone web clock. The web clock is recommended for use when employees will be clocking in and out through a shared computer or kiosk.


To utilize the stand-alone web clock IP Restrictions must be configured and employees must be assigned Auth type of PIN Entry (with a PIN specified) on the Entry Assignments tab.

The system uses the IP address of the network to determine which account the web clock is accessing, if you attempt to access the clock link from an unregistered IP address you will be directed to the following page:


The IP Address would be listed in the XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX field.

Setting Up Entry Assignment

From the Entry Assignment tab, the user must be configured with the Time Clock Auth Type of "PIN" and a PIN that the employee would be using to sign in to your time clock.


Using Software Time Clock

Accessing the website ( from a registered IP address directs you to a pin pad.


After entering a valid pin the employee is able to clock in or out, but does not have access to any other functions normally accessible through the employee portal.


The design of this separate clock site is not affected by the theme chosen for the employee portal.

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