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Time & Attendance Settings - Entry Assignments for Core HR

The Entry Assignments tab designates what time entry method employees will use to record time.

The Entry Assignments tab can be filtered by the manager using the Manager drop-down field.


  • Entry Type - Entry Type determines the method your employees will use to record time:
    • Timesheet - The timesheet method has the employee designate the number of hours they worked each day of the week.


    • Time Clock - Punch - This entry method allows the employee to clock in through a few different options.
      • Through the Employee Portal:


      • With the stand-alone software time clock:


      • With the supported physical time clock:


    • Time Clock - Entry - This method has the employee record time by specifying the time they arrived and the time they left by typing in the values. This can be useful if an employee normally clocks in and out but you would like them to be able to submit hours worked for a specific project separately:


    • No Entry - The employee will have no way to record time within the software.
    • Do Not Enforce IP Restrictions - Only impacts employees when clocking in or out through the mobile app, and will allow them to punch regardless of the network they are connected to on their mobile device.
    • Allow Mobile Punch - Gives employees configured for Time Clock - Punch entry methods the ability to clock in/out through the mobile app.

      IHR Mobile App - View Manage Time - 00.png

  • Time Zone - This should be set to the time zone your employee will be clocking in and out from.
  • Time Clock Auth Type - Only applies to external entry sources. The supported physical time clock can utilize fingerprint scan, proximity card, or pin entry to verify the employee at clock in/out while the stand alone software time clock only utilizes pin entry.
    • If using pin entry, specify the pin the employee will use in the field provided. This pin field is also used to specify the card number if using proximity cards with the physical time clock.
  • Default Time Group/Shift - The Default time group/Shift is where you assign the time group and shift to each employee. Keep in mind the settings you configured when building out your time groups in the previous section.

Once Entry Assignments have been designated for your employees you have completed the mandatory settings for using Time and Attendance. Next we will review the optional or situational settings.

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