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Settings for Time Off Tracking - General Settings

The General Settings Tab within the Time & Labor Mgmt module allows for an additional level of configuration to the module.

Navigating to Time Off Tracking General Settings
  • Expand Settings, expand Time and Labor Mgmt and click Time Off Tracking from the menu.


  • Click Settings at the top menu bar.


  • The General Settings tab should be the initial tab shown.


General Options


  • Eligibility Rule - Determines which employees will have access to request time off through the Employee Portal. If all employees should be allowed to request time off, select "All Employees Eligible" (this is the default selection). 
  • Email Request Notification - The addresses entered will receive an email each time a Time Off request is made by an employee, in addition to the employee's manager. For example, this could be used to add the email address of a payroll administrator, who is not the time off manager of the employee but should be copied on all requests for tracking purposes. 
  • Email Approval Notification - Will allow additional emails to be sent when Time-Off is approved in addition to the manager and the requesting employee. For example, this could be used to add the email address of a payroll assistant, who is not the time manager of the employees, to be copied on time off approved emails for tracking purposes.
  • Default Units - Sets the default request amount for employees when requesting time off
    • A value must be specified for the module to populate on the employee portal.
    • If 8 is not the standard work day for the company, this can ensure the requests match the standard working hours if the company 
    • Employees will be able to alter the units when requesting time off. For example, if the default units are set to 8, but the employee will only be taking 4 hours off that day.



  • Allow Managers to manage employees of downstream Managers - This setting will allow the upstream manager to view their manager’s employees from the Employee Portal. If a manager is assigned as their own manager, their employees will appear twice in the employee management drop-down.
    • This setting does not affect the notification emails. These will be between the employee and their immediate manager only.
  • Do not allow managers to delete approved Time Off - If enabled, restricts managers from deleting time off that has already been approved. An administrator is now needed to perform this function.
  • Do not display Time Off Balances on the Employee Portal - If enabled, restricts employee view of Time Off Balances.
  • Allow Employees to cancel approved time off requests - If enabled, allows employees to delete time off requests from their Employee Portal before they become a taken transaction. 
  • Allow Managers to view the global Time off Calendar - If enabled, allows managers to view the time off calendar, with all time off and holiday transactions. The managers will be able to see all employees rather than just their direct reports. 
    • Restrict access to only direct reports - If enabled, will make it so managers can only see their employees on the time off calendar 
  • Allow Employees to view the global Time Off Calendar - If enabled, this allows Employees to view a global time off calendar of everyone who has pending/approved time off.
    • Restrict access to only view employees reporting to the same manager - If enabled, employees will be able to view the time off calendar for anyone who reports to their direct time manager 
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