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Settings for Time Off Tracking - Workflows

The Workflows tab provides the ability to have Workflows triggered when certain events occur within the Time Off Tracking Module.

  • Workflows must be configured via the Workflow Management module to use this feature. For more information, you can refer to the following article.
  • Requests are stored separately from time off detail records.
  • Edits to time off detail records will not trigger workflows.
Navigating to Time Off Tracking Workflows Settings
  • Expand Settings, expand Time and Labor Mgmt and click Time Off Tracking from the menu.


  • Click Settings at the top menu bar.


  • Click the Workflows tab.



  • Request Submitted - Triggers anytime a request is submitted by an employee
  • Request Approved - Triggers anytime a request is approved by a manager
  • Request Denied - Triggers anytime a request is denied by a manager
  • Request Deleted - Triggers anytime a request is deleted
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