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How to Identify if Keytabs Are Already Assigned

As keytabs get passed between employees or stored for redistribution, it is not uncommon to be unsure of who the keytabs belong to. As long as you have a red keytab reader and ExakTime Connect, you can identify to who the keytabs are currently assigned.

This is done by going through the process of assigning the keytab to any employee. When doing this, Connect will see if the keytabs already belong to an employee. If they are already assigned to an employee, Connect

  1. Connect the red Keytab reader to your PC with the included USB cable.


  2. Go to Manage in the top menu bar, then click on Employees from the menu.


  3. Click on the pencil icon for any employee.


  4. Click the Keytabs tab.


  5. Click Add Keytabs.


  6. Click into the Serial Number field so the cursor blinks as if you were going to type into this field.


  7. Press the metal tip of the Keytab into the blue button of the red Keytab Reader. If the keytabs belong to another employee, you will get a message about who they already belong to, the effective date of the keytabs, and what cost code the keytabs have.



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