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How to Add New Keytabs to an Employee

Keytabs are assigned to an employee with a Keytab reader to ensure that your employees can accurately track their activities throughout their workday.

Required Hardware

Before you can assign keytabs to your employees, you will need the following hardware ready.

  • Keytabs - Used by your employees to clock in and out. While any cost code can be assigned to any keytab color, we recommend using a green and red keytab to at least denote basic cost codes of "In" and "Out"
  • Red Keytab Reader - The Red Keytab Reader is used to read the serial number of a keytab and easily input the Keytab Serial Numbers into the required field. The Red Keytab reader acts as a 'virtual keyboard' and is compatible with Windows PCs and Mac OS. 
    • If you do not have a Red Keytab Reader you can reference this article: Adding KeyTabs to ExakTime Connect Without the Keytab Reader
    • If you have a Blue Keytab Reader, it is not compatible with ExakTime Connect, but you can contact us by clicking the "Ask for Help" link at the top of the page for further assistance.

Using Red Keytab Reader

  1. Connect the Red KeyTab Reader to your computer if not already plugged in.


  2. Go to Manage in the top menu bar then click on Employees from the menu.


  3. Find the employee that will be receiving the keytabs and click the Edit icon to the left of the employee name.


  4. Click on the Keytabs tab.


  5. Click on Add Keytabs.


  6. Click into the Serial Number field so the cursor blinks as if you were going to type into this field.


  7. Press the metal tip of the Keytab into the blue button of the red Keytab Reader.


  8. The serial number of the Keytab should appear in the text box. Select the appropriate cost code for the Keytab.


  9. Click Add when satisfied, otherwise click Cancel.
  10. Repeat this as necessary for any other Keytabs.


  11. Click Save when satisfied.

Understanding Effective Dates

Whenever a keytab is added/transferred to an employee, it will use the date and time of your computer at the time of adding/transferring to determine the effective date. The effective date is the date and time of when any use of the keytab is associated with the employee it has been added to. The effective date cannot be made earlier than the first time a keytab was added to ExakTime Connect. If the keytab(s) already exist in the system, then you can adjust the effective date, but it cannot be made earlier than the previous effective date.



Unable to save keytab assignments because the save button does not illuminate after adding/transferring Keytabs.


Check the General Tab to ensure all required fields are filled in. If any Security Roles are set to anything other than No Access, either the PIN or Email field will be the issue.

Commonly, if your Exaktime Connect setting is configured to assign a default Exaktime Connect or Exaktime Mobile Security role when adding new employees or importing via SyncLinx, the security roles will automatically assign a role and the PIN or Email fields will be blank. Please either fill in these fields or set the Exaktime Connect and/or Exaktime Mobile Security role to No Access. The Save button will illuminate and you will be able to save the employee profile.

 Cannot Delete Keytabs

Keytabs cannot currently be deleted or unassigned from an employee, they can only be assigned to an employee or transferred between employees.

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