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How to Add a JobClock EX/LE or Hornet to ExakTime

Adding a JobClock EX/LE or Hornet is crucial to ensuring that your employee's time punches are associated with the correct location and will appear on their time card.

If a brand new JobClock is used before being added to ExakTime, your employees can record their time punches on the JobClock, but the effective date for when the JobClock is active in your system may prevent the time punches from reaching your time card. 

Adding a JobClock

  • Go to Manage in the top menu bar and click on JobClocks.


  • You will see a list of any JobClocks already entered into the system.


  • Click Add JobClock towards the top-left to show the "Add a JobClock" menu.


  • Enter the serial number for your JobClock that is printed on the back of the device and select the location for the JobClock. Click Add.
    • If the serial number is not valid, you will see a warning indicating as such. Double-check the serial number matches what is on the back of your JobClock.



  • If the JobClock already exists in your system, you will see a warning that the JobClock is already assigned to another location. Adding it again will update the effective date and/or location. 


  • Repeat this process as many times as necessary.


  • The effective date for the JobClock will be the date and time of your computer when adding the JobClock. The effective date is used as a marker for the JobClock so that any time punches made after the effective date will be associated with the location the JobClock is assigned to.
    • If the effective date should be backdated, you can do so by using the "History" link. For more information about adjusting your effective dates for a JobClock, you can refer to the following article.

Serial Number Location

The Serial Number is located on the back of the JobClock (EX/LE or Hornet) and appears like the examples below.

JobClock EX/LE JobClock Hornet
JobClock_Back_Serial_Number_Isolated.jpg Hornet_Back_Serial_Number_Isolated.jpg

JobClock Status


After adding a JobClock, the columns for JobClock Battery, Hornet Battery, and Last Collected will be blank. These fields will be blank until the information is received from a JobClock collection by a supported method such as ExakTime Mobile, a FastTrakker Pro, or wireless communication for Hornets. These fields will be updated after your future collections.

If the JobClock has not been collected from for an extended period (weeks, months, or years), it is possible that the JobClock/Hornet battery status will be out of date as the battery statuses are updated with your JobClock collections. 

If you want to populate these columns before sending a JobClock to the field, you can use any of the methods listed below.

Collecting Data from JobClocks

If you want to receive your JobClock data and populate the battery level and last collection date columns before sending a JobClock to the field, you can use any of the methods below:

For JobClock Hornets

For JobClock EX/LE

Additional Resources

After adding a JobClock, you can refer to any of the following resources for more information about using your JobClock EX/LE or Hornet:

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