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Understanding the JobClocks Page

The JobClocks page will allow you to add new JobClocks, list all the JobClocks associated with your ExakTime account, and their statuses based on the latest collection.

Navigating to JobClocks

Go to Manage in the Menu Bar and click JobClocks.



The top of the page will allow you to add a JobClock to your ExakTime system and search through your existing JobClocks. 

The JobClocks page will list all existing JobClocks and columns for:

  • History - View the history of locations the JobClock was assigned.
  • Effective Date - The date and time of when a JobClock was assigned to a location.
  • Serial Number
  • Location - Location the JobClock is currently assigned to.
  • JobClock Battery - The battery level of the JobClock used to clock in/out (Good, Low, and Critical).
  • Hornet Battery - The Battery level of the JobClock Hornet that used to transmit records wirelessly (Good, Low, and Critical).
  • Last Collected - The last date that ExakTime Connect received records from the JobClock. 

Clicking the column headers will allow you to sort the list.

JobClock History

The JobClock History page will show the history of locations the JobClock was assigned to and the date ranges of assignments. 


Effective Date

The Effective Date of a JobClock determines the location that will be used when employees are clocking in/out.

For example, if a JobClock is assigned to location "Henderson Homes" with an effective date of January 1, 2023 12 AM, any time punches created from that point forward will be associated to "Henderson Homes".

If the JobClock is reassigned to the location "Burnett Homes" with an effective date of February 1, 2023 12 AM, any time punches from that point forward will be associated to "Burnett Homes".

JobClock and Hornet Battery Level


The battery level of your JobClock and Hornet can affect the functionality of your JobClock hardware. The battery levels are updated based on the latest collection from the JobClock. There are three battery levels: Good, Low, and Critical.

  • Good - The battery level is sufficient and the device should function normally.
  • Low - The battery level is low and should be recharged or replaced.
  • Critical - The battery level is critical and NEEDS to be recharged or replaced. A critical battery level can result in the device not functioning as expected.

Additional Notes

  • The JobClock battery powers the portion of your JobClock that tracks your employee's clock in/outs.
  • The Hornet battery on JobClock Hornets allows the device to wireless transmit data. If the JobClock Hornet is dead, the JobClock Hornet can still track your employee's clock in/outs with its JobClock battery.
  • If the JobClock has not been collected from for an extended period (weeks, months, or years), it is possible that the JobClock/Hornet battery status will be out of date as the battery statuses are updated with your JobClock collections. 
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