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Import File History for Core HR

After a standard or scheduled import has been processed, you can view the results from the 'File History' tab.

Navigating to File History
  • Expand Data, expand Imports, and click Standard from the menu.


  • Click the File History tab.



The columns presented are:

  • Import Date - The date and time the import was completed.
    • The date stamp is in Mountain Standard Time due to the location of the Core HR servers. 
  • File Name - The name of the file imported 
  • Import Type - The type of import completed (ie: employee, time off transactions, etc) 
  • Records Imported - The number of records impacted by an import 
  • Errors - How many errors, if any, occurred during the import 
  • View File - Click this link to view the file that was imported.
  • View Errors - Click this link to review a list of the errors experienced, and what row they are associated with.
  • information-button-1_gray_15x15.png - Hover over this icon with your mouse cursor to view additional details about the file.



Click the CHR_-_Filter_Icon.png filter icon to look for the import history from a specific date by filtering the start and ends dates to view.


Deleting Import History Records

Using the checkboxes to the right of the files, along with the Action dropdown, allows you to delete certain important files. 

This typically is not recommended unless the file completely failed, and no records were imported.  Otherwise, keeping the history of imported information is typically recommended.


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