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Pay Stub PDF Import for Core HR

Core HR allows you to easily upload your employees’ pay stubs if enabled for your company. Pay Stub PDF files can be a continuous file with all employees' ACH (Automated Clearing House) Vouchers or pay checks within each file. Core HR will “split” the pay stub file by the employee and post it to the employee’s pay stub detail page within Core HR, which is accessible via the Employee Portal and the mobile app.

 Requires Template Configuration

Pay Stub templates will need to be set up by Arcoro to utilize the Pay Stub interface within Core HR. Until a template configuration has been created by Arcoro, you will not be able to upload your Pay Stub file. Please work with your account manager to get this accomplished.

Granting Pay Stub PDF Permission

For existing Admin users, you will need to add the new navigation menu option. For assistance with this, you can expand the section below:

Enabling Pay Stub PDF Permission
  • From the menu, expand Setup and click Administrators.


  • Click the name of the user that should have permission to the Carrier Billing Report.


  • Click the Page Settings tab.


  • From the Data section, scroll through and enable Pay Stub PDF with the checkbox.


  • Save any changes. The admin may need to sign out and back in to see the option.

Using Paystubs Import

  • Navigate to the Pay Stub templates in the menu by expanding Data, expanding Imports, and clicking Pay Stub PDF.


  • For step 1, you will:
    • Select the paystub format template that has been configured for your company.
    • Specify if the import is On-Cycle or Off-Cycle. Imports will generally be On-Cycle, but you can use Off-Cycle for situations such as a bonus pay period or an employee departing.
    • Click Choose Paystub PDF File and select the PDF file you want to import from your computer. Uploading the Paystub PDF file will begin splitting the paystub data and immediately take you to the next step, so please specify the format template and cycle prior.

      CHR - Data - Imports - Pay Stubs - 02.png

  • Step 2 will allow you to view the parsed data from the PDF import. Click "View PDF" to view a copy of the pay stub. Once validated, click Approve and Complete to complete the process and post the individual pay stubs to each employee.


  • Step 3 will show a summary of the PDF import and a list of recent imports. The latest pay stub import should indicate processing in the list. 
    CHR - Data - Imports - Pay Stubs - 04.png

Reviewing Pay Stubs

The pay stub can be accessed on the employee pay stub view under the payroll menu option, or by the Employee when logged into their Employee Portal.

For Admins

The pay stub(s) for an employee can be accessed under the payroll menu of an employee profile.



For Employees

Depending on what theme the employee portal is set to will determine where employees will be able to view their paycheck stubs. Employees will be able to view uploaded pay stubs within 24 hours of the pay stub import file being approved and completed.

Before employees can view their pay stubs via the portal or mobile app you must first ensure you have the menu option enabled. If you would like assistance with enabling this, expand the following section:

Enabling Paycheck Stubs for the Employee Portal
  • From the menu, expand Setup and click Setup Properties.


  • Hover over Employee Portal Setup from the top-menu bar and click Employee Portal.


  • Click the Quick Links tab.


  • Enable Paycheck Stubs with the checkbox, then save your changes.


With 'New Dashboard' Theme

Employees will be able to access their paycheck stubs by clicking View Paystub Page in the Pay Data tile of their Employee Homepage.



With 'Dashboard' Theme

Employees will be able to access their paycheck stubs by clicking Paycheck Stubs in the Quick Links section of their Employee Homepage.



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