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How to Access Support Chat

Support Chat is available (5 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time) on our Support Central page to current Arcoro users that are logged in to any of our Arcoro modules. If you are not logged in to an Arcoro module, the support chat button will be hidden and will not be available. This is to ensure that any support requested and received is associated with your profile for tracking purposes. 

Before you can access the support chat, however, you will be required to go through a series of prompts to better understand your needs and resources to assist with the most common questions we have received.

After going through all our prompts, if the provided resources are not relevant, you can use the prompt to transfer to a technician for further assistance. If any of our support team members are unavailable, your message will create a ticket for our support team to address when they are available.

If you do not have access to an Arcoro module, please contact your administrator about your question/issue so they can assist you and/or submit a case on your behalf.

Accessing Support Chat

The Support Chat button is only available to users that are able to sign in to an Arcoro module as your Arcoro login is used to track support requests. If you are not logged in to an Arcoro module, the chat button will not appear on the page.

  • The Support button will appear in the bottom right of the Support Site.


  • If you cannot see the Support button in the bottom right you are currently not logged in, expand the appropriate module below for information on how to access the Support Site through the product to automatically log in.
Core HR
  • While logged in to Core HR, click Visit Support Site at the bottom of the Core HR homepage/dashboard.


Recruiting and Talent Development
  • While logged in to our Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, or Learning Management System, click your profile icon in the top-right and click Support Site from the menu.


Time & Attendance (ExakTime)
  • While logged in to ExakTime Connect, click Help from the top menu bar and click Support Site.


Using Support Chat

  • Click the Support button to bring up our support bot.
    In the "Type a message" field, ask any questions that you have for our interactive prompt to provide support articles that may help you or use any of the pre-defined options for common questions we have identified.


  • If you are unable to find your answer from the pre-defined options, click or transfer to technician.


  • Enter your information for the technician to begin chatting. If any of our support team members are unavailable, your message will create a ticket for our support team to address when they are available via email.


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