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How to Submit a Support Request

You can submit a support request/ticket through our web form on our Support Central help site so you can get the assistance you need. To submit a support ticket, you must be a current Arcoro customer and be logged in to any of our Arcoro modules. 

Submitting a support ticket can be done during or outside of our open office hours (Monday thru Friday, 5 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time). After you have submitted a ticket, the next available support specialist will first contact you by email during our open office hours to further assist you.

If you are not the administrator for your Arcoro module, we recommend reaching out to your administrator for assistance first as they may be able to provide an immediate answer for any help you need.

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Using Existing Resources

Before requesting support, we would always recommend searching through Support Central for existing resources to get immediate answers. We offer a variety of resources to try to assist you with the basic setup and troubleshooting of our products. You can search through Support Central by clicking the magnifying glass towards the top of the page or from the search bar on the Support Central Homepage

When searching through Support Central, it can help to refine your search keywords to be short and simple. For example, searching for "My supervisor is not able to see other employees when he is using ExakTime Mobile, but I can see them just fine" can result in non-relevant resources as it is searching for all of the words. Searching for "My supervisor cannot see other employees" can help refine your results to what you need. In these situations, less is more.

Submitting a Support Request

The "Contact Us" link is available at the bottom of the Support Central website and requires you to be logged in to an Arcoro module as your Arcoro login is used to track your support requests.

  • The "Request Support" link at the top or at the bottom of the Support Central home page with the "Contact Us" link.



  • If you are not currently logged in to an Arcoro module, clicking the link will send you to a page like below to select your Arcoro module to log in. It is best to sign in to your Arcoro module first and then access the Support Central website from the Arcoro Module. 


  • If you are unsure how to access Support Central from an Arcoro Module, you can expand the appropriate module below for information on how to access Support Central through the product.
Core HR
  • While logged in to Core HR, click Visit Support Site at the bottom of the Core HR homepage/dashboard.


If you do not have access to Core HR website, please contact your Core HR administrator about your issue so they can assist you and/or submit a case on your behalf.

Recruiting and Talent Development
  • While logged in to our Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, or Learning Management System, click your profile icon in the top-right and click Support Site from the menu.


If you do not have access to Arcoro website, please contact your Arcoro administrator about your issue so they can assist you and/or submit a case on your behalf.

Time & Attendance (ExakTime)
  • While logged in to ExakTime Connect, click Help from the top menu bar and click Support Site.


If you do not have access to the ExakTime Connect website, please contact your ExakTime administrator about your issue so they can assist you and/or submit a case on your behalf.

Using the Web Form

The web form allows you to provide information for our support team to help answer any questions or troubleshoot any issues you are encountering. For tips on how to provide the most information to our support team, you can refer to the following article: Tips to Receive Effective Tech Support.

After clicking the "Submit Request" or "Contact Us" link, you will see the web form like below:


On the "Submit a request" page, you will select/enter:

  • Organization - The organization you are associated with in our support tracking system. It is typically the name of your company/account. If you are associated with multiple organizations, please select the appropriate one that the support request is for. This field may not be available depending on your company/account. 
  • What is this contact about? - The module/product you are requesting support for.
  • Please provide a brief summary of why you are contacting support - Enter a short and concise subject of your support request that our support team will initially see (e.g. Unable to Export from AccountLinx, Trouble with Onboarding a new employee, etc.).
  • Company Name - The name of your company.
  • What is your question or issue? - A detailed description of your support request. Where the subject is short and concise, the description should be detailed so our support team can be better informed of the issue, what has been done, what you are expecting, etc. so they can better assist you.
    • If your description is lacking in detail, it will require the support team to request more information and can delay us in providing you with an adequate resolution.
    • For example, "I am having trouble exporting from AccountLinx for Foundation. When I try to export, it looks like it completes the export, but at the very end it gives me an error that #xD83D is grammatically unexpected." is more informative than "I can't export from AccountLinx. Need help."

  • Next Payroll Due - An optional field to indicate your next payroll if you are experiencing an issue that is affecting your payroll.
  • Which browser have you experienced the issue in? - Specify the browser that you are currently in as some issues can be browser-specific.
  • Attachments - An optional field to provide attachments. This is best used for items related to your support request (e.g. Unable to import a CSV/Spreadsheet, etc.) or screenshots. For assistance with capturing a usable screenshot, you can refer to the following article: How to Capture Effective Screenshots

Click Submit when finished.

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