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Setting Up ExakTime Mobile With A Default Location or Cost Code

When using ExakTime Mobile, it will let your employees select their location and/or cost code if there is more than one available of the respective entity. If you need to set up a copy of ExakTime Mobile to use only a single location and/or cost code when clocking in, you can set up a default location and/or cost code for any employee clocking in for themselves. To set this up, you will need to use the PIN for an employee/user that can edit ExakTime Mobile permissions.

  • Press the three lines in the top left of ExakTime Mobile to show the menu and press Settings.



  • If using an iOS device, you will press on Locations or Cost Code, then press Default. If using Android, you can scroll down to the Location or Cost Code sections and press Default for the appropriate option.


  • Enable the Default Location or Cost Code and specify the location or cost code to be used.


  • The next time an employee clocks in on the device, it will use the default location and/or cost code set.
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