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Copying a User Role for the ATS

If you have a user role that is similar to a new role you need, you can copy an existing role, make minor adjustments, and create a brand new user role.

Navigating to User Roles
  • Click Administration from the top menu bar.


  • Click User Roles from the list on the left-hand side.



Copying a User Role

  • Click the ATS_-_Icon_-_Copy_-_00.png icon to the far right of a user role under the "Action" column to copy an existing non-default user role. 


  • A menu should appear like below. Fill/edit the given fields:
    • Name - Update the name of the user role so it is different from the original user role. It is possible for multiple user roles to have the same name so updating the name is important to avoid confusion. 
    • Cross Reference Code - (Optional) Used for the import template for bulk importing users and assigning the appropriate User Role.
    • Description - (Optional) Enter a description for the User Role.


  • (Optional) Use the "Admin Presets" drop-down menu to toggle the system default options for the selected preset admin role and click Apply Preset. The roles available are:
    • Basic Administrator
    • Jobs Administrator
    • Limited Jobs Administrator
    • Candidate Administrator
    • Account Administrator
    • Job Requisition Administrator


  • Scroll down through the permission list and enable the desired user permission by clicking the Off/On toggle. "Check All" and "Uncheck All" allows you to select/deselect all permissions with a single click for easier permission adjustments. For more details on each permission, hover over the question-circle.svg icon. For a full list of permissions, refer to the following article: User Role Permissions


  • Click Save Changes when done.
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