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Managing Widgets for your Dashboard

 No Longer Supported

The Talent Dashboard is no longer offered or supported. The following resource is for reference only.

Navigating to the Dashboard for the Talent Dashboard
  • Go to the navigation menu of Talent Management and click Talent Dashboard. The Dashboard should be the initial page shown.


  • Edit Widget - For widgets that allow it, click on the square with a pencil pencil-square-o.svg icon in the upper right corner. Some widgets can only be modified by an Administrator while others can be modified by a Standard employee.


  • Moving widgets - Click on the widget header and drag it to the desired location. You may need to drop it above the bottom widget and then move the bottom widget above it once it’s snapped into place.


  • Minimizing widgets - Click the chevron-up.svg icon in the upper right corner to minimize a widget so only its header is showing. The widget can be expanded again by clicking on the same icon ( chevron-down.svg ).


  • Removing widgets - Click the times.svg icon in the upper right corner.


  • Available Widgets - Removed widgets and any new widgets that have been added to the repository can be accessed from the th-large.svg Available Widgets button in the lower right corner of the page.


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