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Dashboard for Talent Dashboard

 No Longer Supported

The Talent Dashboard is no longer offered or supported. The following resource is for reference only.

The Dashboard of the Talent Dashboard allows the user to quickly view widgets with relevant information from administrators, the application tracking system, onboarding, and the learning management system. The default widgets have been listed below.

Navigating to the Dashboard for the Talent Dashboard
  • Go to the navigation menu of Talent Management and click Talent Dashboard. The Dashboard should be the initial page shown.


My Profile


Shows the user’s information. Information can be added and managed by the user such as their photo, About Me, Skype ID, LinkedIn ID, Cell phone, etc.

Click the edit Edit_Icon_-_00.png icon to open a menu to update the profile information.


Welcome / Banner


Administrators can add their own images and text to this widget to promote their company brand and/or promote specific company events or offerings.

Click the edit Edit_Icon_-_00.png icon to open a menu to upload an image, move the image, enter the heading and caption text, text alignment, and text coloring.


HR Links


Administrators have the ability to add links to other resources for users to view/access.

Click the edit Edit_Icon_-_00.png icon to open a menu to add/edit HR links. Each link can have a display name and an icon. To change the icon, simply click on the current icon in edit mode and select from the library of icons.

Common examples might include:

  • Payroll
  • Expense reports
  • Time off request tools
  • Employee handbook
  • Benefits


My Tasks


The "My Tasks" widget automatically pulls from all modules and displays specific tasks for the user in one location. Clicking on a task will take the employee into the related module to allow the employee to take action on the task.

Current tasks that show in the widget include:

  • Applicant Tracking System - Scheduled interview reminders
  • Onboarding - Manager task to complete new hires assigned to them
  • Performance - Evaluation due
  • Learning - Course assignment due
  • Change Request Management - Approvals due

Managing Widgets

For more information bout adjusting widgets, you can refer to the following article.

Additional Module Widgets

There are additional widgets available depending on the modules you have.

For more information about module-specific widgets, you can refer to the following article.

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