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How to Edit a Report for the Talent Dashboard

 No Longer Supported

The Talent Dashboard is no longer offered or supported. The following resource is for reference only.

Navigating to Reports in Talent Management
  • Go to the navigation menu of Talent Management and click Talent Dashboard.


  • Click Reports from the Talent Dashboard.


  • Select the report to edit by clicking the report title or copy an existing report by clicking the duplicate InfoGo.duplicate.png icon under the Actions column.


  • Click the pencil Pencil_-_Edit_Icon_-_01.png icon next to the report to edit the report name or description. If this is a duplicated report, it is best to remove the "Copy of" prefix in the report name.


  • Click the pencil Pencil_-_Edit_Icon_-_01.png icon above the data set to change report options such as the columns, sorting, and grouping.


  • Click on the column header to apply any sorting, filtering, grouping, or formatting. Some column header options will present an additional menu above the data set.


  • Click Save when finished.


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