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Guide to your ATS Dashboard

Your dashboard allows you to add pre-made widgets and see information at a glance.

Navigating to Dashboard
If not already there, click Dashboard from the top menu bar.

The Dashboard will show you any widgets previously added and the option to add a widget.


Adding Widgets

  1. In the upper-left corner, click Available Widgets.
  2. Select the widget you would like to add. If you have already added a widget, it will not be in this list.
  3. The widget will be created on your dashboard.
  4. If you have multiple widgets, you can drag and drop widgets to the desired location on your Dashboard by clicking the title of the widget.


Active Jobs
Displays the number of active jobs
Candidate Stages
Shows candidates in open and closed jobs
Days Open by Job
Number of days jobs have been open
Jobs By Status
Percentage of jobs that are Open, On Hold or Closed
New Applicants
Number of recent applicants by job
Newest Candidates
Latest candidates, including city and state
Overview Snapshot
Select a date range to see the number of jobs created, closed, clicks to apply and candidates added or hired
Time To Hire
The number of days a job was posted from when a candidate was hired
Upcoming Job Expiration
Number of days until jobs are set to expire
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