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How to Move a Hired Candidate From the Applicant Tracking System to Onboarding

If you are using both the Arcoro ATS and Onboarding modules, you will be able to easily pass your job candidates' information into Onboarding as new hires so they can begin filling out their paperwork.

Enabling Arcoro Onboarding Integration

Before you can begin passing your new hire information from your ATS, you must first enable integration with your Onboarding module or you may encounter an error. If you have already done this, this step can be skipped. 

  • Click Administration from the top menu bar of the Applicant Tracking System and click Integration Partners on the left-hand side.



  • Scroll through the Integration Partners list and click Edit Credentials for "Arcoro Onboarding".


  • Select your company/account in the drop-down menu and click Save Changes.


Moving a New Hire to Onboarding

Navigating to a candidate from the Jobs page
  • Click Jobs from the top menu bar of the Applicant Tracking System if not there already.


  • Click the name of the job under the Job Title column.


  1. From the candidate table, look for the candidate that will be hired.  Click the disposition for the candidate.


  2. From the drop-down menu, set the disposition to "Hired."



  3. Click the InActive button.


  4. Click the sign-out-alt-solid.png "Manage Applicant Post-Hire Process" icon under the “Actions” column for the candidate.


  5. On the following page, enter the necessary information in the given fields (there can be fewer or additional fields depending on your setup):


    • Username - The onboarding username that will be created for the employee to log in with and complete their onboarding paperwork.
      • If enabled from the Administration section of the Applicant Tracking System, the new hire’s temporary username to complete their new hire paperwork will default to the following format [FirstNameLastName]. If the new hire’s first and last name does not create a unique username, a number is automatically added to the end of the username. For more information on this setting, you can refer to the following article.
    • Job Title
    • Location
    • Hiring Manager
    • Pay Rate Type
    • Pay Amount
    • Employment Type
    • Checkbox to include the candidate's application.
  6. Click Submit Candidate when finished. The new hires Onboarding account will be created with the information entered. The new hire will receive an account verification email informing them of their username and a link to create their password.
    • If a welcome email has been set up in your Onboarding module, they will receive their welcome email in addition to the account verification email.

If you encounter any trouble/errors when moving your candidate to Onboarding, refer to the following article for basic troubleshooting

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