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Termination Tile for Core HR


Any employees that are on the Termination Eligibility List will be displayed and provide you an opportunity to:

Please note if you have enabled 'Automatically process employees as Terminations when a Termination Date is set on the employee record' from Setup > Setup Properties > General Settings, they will bypass this Termination Eligibility List and automatically be terminated.


Terminating an Employee

  1. Select the Employee(s) you would like to terminate with the checkbox(es) towards the right.
  2. (Optional) Select a Termination Reason from the drop-down menu. The Termination Reasons listed are dependent on what has been set up from the 
  3. Click Process Selected Employees


Please note, while you can terminate an employee from the Termination Eligibility List, our best practice for terming Employees is to do so through the Benefits menu, even if they do not have Benefits Management with us. Terminating through Benefits > Benefits automatically updates all Status (Employee, Benefit, and ACA if applicable), as well as allows the Term Date, Reason for Termination, and ability to lock the Employee's account, all in one place. 

Removing an Employee from List

You can also remove someone from the Termination Eligibility List.

  1. Select the Employee(s) you would like to remove with the checkbox(es) towards the right.
  2. Click Remove Selected Employee from the Actions drop-down menu.


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