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Understanding the Core HR Admin Home Page & Menu

The Administration home page for Core HR offers various options that are used by administrators to quickly monitor company activity as they hold dynamic and useful information regarding both employee & company processes. You could consider the dashboard as your "Traffic Control" center where you can see user & data activity, and daily workflow alerts that keep you vigilant on all your company activities.


Employee Search


The 'Employee search' bar allows you to search for employees based on the following criteria:

  • First or last name
  • Partial name with an * at the end as a wildcard.
    • For example, searching for 'Anders*' will return 'Anderson'.
  • Employee ID (1234)
  • Employee Status (Full Time or Part Time, etc.).
    • This will provide a list of the first 200 Employees with this status.

The employee search will only list up to 200 employees per search.

Module Menu

If you have additional modules with Arcoro, you may see a Module Menu allowing them to navigate between the modules you have access.




Clicking on their Profile picture allows options to:

  • Switch from your Administrator View to your personal Employee Homepage
  • Change your password
  • Upload a Photo
  • Sign out of Core HR



Add New Employee


Provides quick access for you to begin manually adding a New Employee to Core HR. This is the same functionality as adding a new employee via the Menu > Employee > Utilities > Add New Employee.

For steps on adding a new employee, you can refer to the following dedicated article.



Core HR completes data checks on each employee record. Based on the data check, an alert may be posted to the "Alerts" page on the Administration Portal Home Page. You can review alerts daily and take appropriate action to resolve any issues.

You should review the "Alerts" page on a daily basis to ensure that records are maintained appropriately within the system. You will need to review and correct eligibility rules associated with any event.

For more information about the Alerts page, you can refer to the following dedicated article.



Workflows will display steps that have been assigned to the Admin for completion via the Workflow Management module.

If you are using Workflows, and Workflows have been set up, an Admin would access this area to see any steps that require their action as part of a Workflow process (i.e. Time Care Approval, Employee Onboarding steps, Employee Offboarding steps, etc)

ACA (Affordable Care Act)


In order to use this feature, you must have purchased ACA services from Arcoro. Once your ACA Services have been set up, this page allows you to view Alerts pertaining to ACA, set up Applicable Large Employer (ALE) information, and forecast Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employee information.


Events Pending Approval


The Events Pending Approval page will show any employees that have completed an event from the Employee Portal and are now pending approval from an Administrator. You also has the option to download a Summary Report or Summary Report for EOI from this page.


Scheduled Exports


The Scheduled Exports page displays data exports that are scheduled to be executed within the next seven days.


The Export Communications tab displays quick & helpful information to troubleshoot export issues. These tips are common troubleshooting items that can help you fine-tune your export to get the results you need.


The Export Alerts tab displays alerts that have been automatically generated by the system. This page can be helpful as a "heads-up" to activities that might require your attention down the road.

The export alert list will show:

  • Export Name - Name of the export
  • Export Field - The field in the export that is prompting the alert.
  • Alert Type
  • Description - A brief description of the reason for the alert.

A good example would be creating or modifying a department. This action will require you to look at any integration files that use this department to ensure data passes successfully after creating or modifying these codes.




Accruals works with the Time Off Tracking portion of the Time and Labor Management product. Accruals allows you to view recently Processed Accruals, Unprocessed Accruals, or Both.


If an Accrual was not processed, check the box next to the Accrual you want to process, select an Accrual Date, and click the Process button. Accrual Transactions for the selected Accrual Rules will be generated from the Accrual Date through the current date. 


If the Accruals have been processed, a check mark will appear in the Processed column




Preferences allows you to set your language preference and your timeout period.

  • Language Preferences: English or Spanish
  • Timeout period is in minutes, with a maximum of 500 minutes. Changes made to the timeout period will not take effect until you log out and then log back in.


Info Tiles

The System Summary on the right-hand side of the Administration home page will show the events that may require follow-up. Clicking the number in the tile will take you to a list of employees that may require your attention. 


  • Upcoming Birthdays - Employees with upcoming birthdays in the next 7 days.
  • Upcoming Anniversaries - Employees with upcoming work anniversaries in the next 7 days.
  • New Hires - Lists new hires for admins to generate accounts for and process employee benefits. 
  • Terminations - Lists employees that have been terminated from the Demographic Info page of their Employee Profile. 
  • Onboarded New Hire - This tile is only available for accounts that have our Core HR and Onboarding modules and will list any incomplete new hires that were imported from Onboarding. 

Visit Support Central


Visiting Support Central provides another library of resource articles, training content, release note information and where Support requests can be made to our Customer Support team through ZenDesk.

Notes for Follow up


This section will display any Notes that are entered against an employee record that is marked for follow-up. This will help the Admin stay on top of important employee events that require their attention at any given point. For more information, you can refer to the following dedicated article on how to set up Employee Notes to appear on the homepage


Towards the top-left is the Menu which provides you with quick access to various pages within the system. The items you will see here are determined by the Page Settings within the Administrator Setup.



Provides quick access to system areas that apply to a specific employee. Each of the items and subitems found in the Employee Menu corresponds to the items and subitems found inside the Employee's profile.



Provides access to system-wide logs and eligibility lists.


Audit Log

The Audit Log displays a detailed history of changes that have made within the system and by whom. It is a powerful tool for understanding "system-level" activity occurring within the system including but not limited to:

  • Information regarding Scheduled Tasks that occur automatically (i.e. Nightly Alerts, Accrual Processing, etc...)
  • Information regarding employees that are deleted from the system
  • Information regarding Time Clock Hardware Integration
  • Information regarding Multi-factor setting changes

Failed Email Log

Shows a list of emails that failed to send within a specified date range

Employment Screenings Log

Used for customers who still have the Core ATS product (no longer sold). This log displays the status of screening results, as well as a link to view the screening reports through the third-party partner, Aurico's, website.

Eligibility Lists

This takes you to the New Hire Eligibility List or the Termination Eligibility Lists to process New Hires or Terminations. The Eligibility Lists are also accessible via the New Hire or Terminations buttons on the Admin Home Page.

Export Logs

Provides access to the following Logs:

  • Demographic Change Log: Displays all Employee demographic changes that are pending or processed for a specific date.
  • Benefit Change Log: Displays all benefits that are pending or processed for a specific benefit package.
  • Deduction Change Log: Displays all Employee payroll deductions for specific, elected Employee benefits that are pending or processed for a specific date.
  • COBRA Log: Displays all benefits that are pending or processed for a specific benefit package. Additionally, the log displays Employees newly added to the HRIS.
  • Imputed Income Log: Groups Employees affected by Life Insurance Coverage changes and queues those Employees for export from the HRIS.


Provides access to a variety of reports related to Employee data, Event status, Benefit Management, Employee Groups, and Data Comparison. Reports in this section are different from the Quick Excel Exports found under Data > Exports > Manage.



Provides access to the screens used to configure and manage the modules found within the HRIS platform.



Provides access to screens for configuring and managing the general setup and configuration of the HRIS.



Provides access to the screens for Importing and Exporting data from the system. Refer to the Imports and Exports article for more information.


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