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Accessing Core HR Help Resources on Support Central

Support Central is our primary help site for Core HR and other Arcoro modules currently offered. From the Administrator homepage, click Visit Support Site to view our assortment of Core HR help resources.


The Support Central homepage allows you to search for support articles or navigate through tiles or links to find the articles you need. If you accessed Support Central with the button from the homepage of Core HR, you will be logged in to Support Central to submit support tickets or review existing support tickets.


Navigating through Support Central

  1. Click the provided tiles or links to navigate to the appropriate resources if you are unsure what you are searching for.


  2. The resources are primarily structured around the Core HR menu to help guide you to what you are needing.


Using Search Fields

  1. Use the provided search bar to search through our collection of support articles. You will be presented with suggestions based on your search terms. Click Search if the suggested articles are not what you are looking for.


  2. When searching, take note of the module that an article is for as there may be some overlap for some topics, such as reports. You can filter to the modules you are wanting with the options to the left. 


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