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Pending Employee Import in New Hires

The "Pending Employee Import" tab displays a list of all imported employees that have a missing payroll required field. This page allows for the missing payroll required fields to be populated for each employee before creating the employee record.

This tab can be found by clicking on the "New Hire" button from the Administration home page or with the following navigation path:
Menu > System > Eligibility Lists > New Hire Eligibility > Pending Employee Import tab


Editing Record(s)

  1. Select record(s) to manage by clicking on the checkbox to the far right, or click the checkbox box at the top of the column to check all checkboxes below.
  2. Using the Actions drop-down menu, select from:
    • Delete Selected Entries will prompt a confirmation prior to deleting the record(s) from the list.
    • Edit Selected Entries will open a window where the Admin can manage the payroll required fields.
  3. The Update Selected Employees window will open displaying the list of employees selected in step 1.
  4. Select the Employer from the Employer drop-down menu. This field determines what options appear in the following fields.
  5. Select a value for each required payroll field.
  6.  Click Save to commit changes. Note that all selected employees will be updated. Admins can remove selected employees by unchecking the select box by each employee.
  7. Click Process Employees. All employees with complete payroll data will be saved to Employee Demographics and Payroll.
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