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How to Review Your Support Cases in Support Central

When working with our support team through support cases, you can review current and past support requests through your Support Central profile. Your Support Central profile requires you to also be signed in to your Arcoro module in the same browser as they are linked.

Once you are signed in to your Arcoro module, you should access Support Central through methods shown below: 

Core HR
  • While logged in to Core HR, click Visit Support Site at the bottom of the Core HR homepage/dashboard.


Recruiting and Talent Development
  • While logged in to our Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, or Learning Management System, click your profile icon in the top-right and click Support Site from the menu.


Time & Attendance (ExakTime)
  • While logged in to ExakTime Connect, click Help from the top menu bar and click Support Site.


  • From Support Central, click your name in the top right. If you do not see your name in the top right, then use any of the instructions above for your web product to access Support Central with your login and make sure that you are logged in to your Arcoro module and access Supporting Central from the same browser.


  • Click My Activities.


  • From the "My Activities" page, you will see a listing of your current support requests. Towards the far right will show you the current status of the support request.


  • While viewing the "My Activities" page, click the subject of the support ticket. In our example below, we are clicking the subject "Issue with Export for Payroll".


  • When viewing a request, you can review the communication. If able, you can also respond and/or provide attachments.


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