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Managing Schedules in ExakTime

Schedules can be managed from the perspective of the location or the employee in ExakTime Connect so you can quickly set up your employees' expected schedules. 

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Navigating to Manage Schedules
  • Click Schedules from the menu bar and click Manage Schedules.


Menu for Managing Schedules


  1. Schedule Locations and Schedule Employees toggle
    • The list will display employees if "Schedule Locations" is toggled or locations will be listed if "Schedule Employees" is toggled.
  2. Add Shift - Add a new shift with a date, start time/end time, employee(s), location, and cost code.
  3. Employee/Location Filter selector - Filter what you are viewing on the scheduling grid. Only one employee/location can be viewed at a time. What you can filter will depend on if "Schedule Locations" or "Schedule Employees" have been selected. 
  4. Scheduling Grid - Review what has been scheduled for employees and add a new shift by dragging and dropping.
    • Under the location's name and ID will be the time zone and the start/end time of the location.
    • Any section that contains gray hatch marks shows times outside of the start/end time of a location.
  5. Date Range

Shift Details

Clicking on a shift from the calendar will show relevant detail and buttons to delete and edit a shift.


Adding a Shift

  • Click Add Shift to expand the Add Shift menu.



  • Specify when the shift begins and ends.


  • Use the provided toggle if the shift is an "All Day Event".


  • If this is a recurring shift, toggle the option and specify if the shift frequency will be daily, weekly, or bi-weekly with an end date.


  • Specify the employee(s) that will be receiving this shift by clicking into the field and searching/selecting the employees.
    • If you selected "Schedule Locations", you can click and drag an employee from the employee list into the provided field.


  • Specify the location that will be associated with this shift. 
    • If you selected "Schedule Employees", you can click and drag a location from the location list into the provided field.
  • Overview__Schedules__360019807193__Schedules_-_Adding_-_Locations.png

  • Specify the cost code that is expected to be conducted during the shift.


  • Click Save when finished.

Editing/Deleting a Shift

  • Any shift can be edited or deleted by clicking on it from the schedules grid to show the shift details. Click Edit Shift to adjust the shift information. The shift information will populate the same menu as if you were adding a shift. If you are unfamiliar with the fields, you can refer to the "Adding Shift" section.


  • If you are editing a recurring shift, you can edit either the single occurrence or all occurrences.


  • If you are deleting a recurring shift, you can delete only the selected shift, the entire shift series, or the current and all future occurrences of the shift to preserver any previous shifts.


  • You can also click and drag the handles on the sides of a shift to increase/decrease the time frame.


Using Drag'N'Drop

With Drag N Drop, you can:

  • Drag and add a shift to an employee or location. (Defaults to an hourly increment)
  • Drag employees/locations into the employee/location field for quick selection when adding/editing a shift.
  • Drag and add employees into an existing shift.


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