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Guides to Schedules for ExakTime

For more information about the availability of this feature, contact your Account Manager.

Scheduling is a feature for ExakTime Connect that allows you to schedule shifts for employees and let them review their expected schedules from ExakTime Connect and/or Mobile. 

The 'Schedules' does not currently limit what your employees can clock in to and is used as a reference as to where they should be working, what they should do, or what they will clock in to. As their day changes dynamically, they can adjust accordingly without skipping a beat and without requiring you to change their schedule.


The process for setting up and using Schedules has been outlined below:

  1. Setting Up Schedules for ExakTime - Grant permission to access Schedules, set up locations, and cost codes. 
  2. Managing Schedules in ExakTime -  Set up the schedules of your employees.
  3. Sending Notifications for Schedules in ExakTime - Send notifications/reminders to your employees about their schedules.
  4. Reviewing Schedules
  5. Using Scheduled Shifts Reports for ExakTime - Use Reports for Schedules.
  6. Enabling "Clock In to my Schedule" for Employees
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