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Guides to Schedules for ExakTime

For more information about the availability of this feature, contact your Account Manager.

Scheduling is a feature for ExakTime that allows you to schedule shifts for employees from ExakTime Connect and let them review their expected schedules from ExakTime Connect and/or ExakTime Mobile. 

With our new version of Schedules, you can also include notes, attachments, and tasks for a scheduled shift to provide your employees with more information for their work day. 

'Schedules' does not currently limit what your employees can clock in to and is intended as a reference of where they should be working, what they should do, or what they will clock in to. As their day changes dynamically, they can adjust accordingly without skipping a beat or requiring you to change their schedule.

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*Menu for New Version of Schedules

The process for setting up and using Schedules has been outlined in the articles below. As many of these articles will contain instructions for both our previous and new versions of Schedules, please pay extra attention:

  1. Setting Up ExakTime Permissions for Schedules - Grant employees permission to:
    • Access Schedules from ExakTime Connect or ExakTime Mobile.
    • Allow employees to clock in to a scheduled shift from ExakTime Mobile.
  2. Managing Schedules in ExakTime Connect -  Set up the schedules for your employees or locations.
  3. Notifications for Schedules in ExakTime - Send notifications/reminders to your employees/supervisors about schedules via Push Notifications to ExakTIme Mobile, SMS, or Email.
  4. Reviewing Schedules in ExakTime Connect and Mobile - How your employees can review schedules from ExakTime Connect or ExakTime Mobile. 
  5. Using Scheduled Shifts Reports for ExakTime - A list of available reports for Schedules for ExakTime.
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