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How to Rehire an Employee and Update their Email/Password in Onboarding

If a terminated employee has left your company and is returning, you will need to rehire them so they can go through the onboarding process again. You can also update the new hire's email if they no longer have access to their previously entered email.

If the employee has not been terminated yet, you can refer to the following article.

Special Consideration

Employee Did Not Use Onboarding Initially

If you are trying to rehire an employee that did not already go through Onboarding, such as an employee that left the company before you utilized Onboarding, you will need them to complete Onboarding as if they are a new hire. You can add them as a new hire or push them over from the ATS to begin the Onboarding process if you are also using the ATS.

Rehiring an Employee

  • Go to the Electronic Filing Cabinet.


  • Search for the terminated employee with the search menu.


  • Click the ... button under the Actions column for the terminated employee and click Rehire. If the employee is has any other status, such as Incomplete, they cannot be rehired.


  • Update the information of the new hire as appropriate. You are not able to update the email/username from this page. This can be done after the employee has been rehired.


  • Click Rehire when finished.

Updating Email/Password

If the employee does not remember their password or needs their email/username updated you can update the information within Onboarding. Alternatively, the employee can use the "Forgot Password" link from the log in page of Onboarding.

Update Information within Onboarding

  • Go to the New Hire Dashboard and click Incomplete New Hires.



  • Click the ... button under the Action column for the rehired employee.


  • If the employee can access their email and does not remember their password, click Reset Password and click Send Password Reset Email to confirm.


  • If the employee cannot access their original email, click Edit New Hire and update their email/username. Then use the Reset Password option from above so they can receive an email to reset their password.
    • If changing the username, it must be unique within the Arcoro system.
    • As a best practice, we advise entering their work email as the username.


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