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Understanding the New Hire Experience and Paperwork

All of your new hires will go through a number of steps to complete their new hire paperwork. With this, it can be important to understand the steps they will go through in case they have any questions. The steps that your new hires will encounter will depend on how you have set up your Onboarding module.

Please note that if your new hires are filling out their paperwork via kiosk mode, they will not see an option to save and finish their paperwork later, but should be able to fill out their paperwork like normal.

Landing Page

The landing page will be the first thing that your new hire will see after signing in or the initial page to enter their name and email if using Kiosk mode.

Welcome Page (Non-Kiosk Mode)

The landing page can be customized from the "New Hire Experience" tab under Administration of Onboarding.

For more information about customizing the "New Hire Experience", you can refer to the following article.

The new hire will click Go to Paperwork to begin filling out their onboarding paperwork.


Name and Email (Kiosk Mode)

If using Kiosk mode, the kiosk manager would first select the appropriate hiring template for the new hire. The new hire will begin their new hire paperwork by entering their name and email address (if they do not have an email address, they can use "I don't have an email"), and click Start Paperwork to begin filling out their onboarding paperwork.



Language Options

If enabled for your Onboarding module, there will be the option to utilize Google Translate to automatically translate the provided fields into French or Spanish. If you are interested in this option, please speak with your account manager for more information. 


Personal Information

The "Personal" step is where your new hire's general information will be entered, such as their name, social security, date of birth, etc.



The "Contact" step allows your new hire to enter their address and emergency contact information (should the Onboarding module include this in the configuration).

The “Working State” and default “Primary State (Living)” fields are generally pulled from the location that was entered by the administrator when the new hire was added to the Onboarding module.

  • The "State (Working)" cannot be modified here and is determined by the company's location. 
  • The "Primary State (Living)" can be updated if the new hire lives in a state other than their working state. The state selected by the new hire determines which state withholding form the new hire will complete. The new hire will need to confirm that the state they selected will determine the state W-4 they will need to fill out. 


Additional Information

Depending on if you have set up your custom fields for your Onboarding module, your new hire may or may not be presented with this step. This step allows you to capture additional information that may be useful.

For more information about setting up custom fields, you can refer to the following article.



The Voluntary Affirmative Action Questionnaire can also be customized within your Onboarding Settings, so this step may vary. It is always voluntary for the new hire to complete.

If they choose not to answer these questions, their answers will default to “I don't wish to answer.”

If they do not complete the Race/Ethnicity or Gender fields, these questions will be asked to the Hiring Manager, and they will be required to fill in their best guess answer.

For more information about the voluntary survey questions, you can refer to the following article.


I9 & W4

The next 3 steps are completing the I9, Federal W4, and State W4 (if applicable). These forms are regulated by government entities and are consistent for each user. Arcoro maintains these forms and updates per regulations.

The I9 must be completely filled out by the employee. It cannot be prepopulated with information by law. The Federal and State W4s will have some of the new hire and employer information prepopulated, but require the tax withholding information to be completed by the employee.


If the new hire is using a preparer/translator, please clarify with them that the preparer/translator will need to print out the attached document for the preparer to sign and provide to you.


Direct Deposit

If Direct Deposit has been enabled and/or required, the new hire will be able to view and complete this step. The options the employee sees are determined by the configuration of your Onboarding settings.

For more information about the direct deposit settings, you can refer to the following article.


Tax Break

If the Work Opportunity Tax Credit or WOTC is utilized through Arcoro’s third-party vendor Arvo (formerly Clarus), the new hire will be presented with the Tax Break step to complete.


Additional Info about WOTC

  • A modal may appear to alert new hires to complete the form. New hires can cancel out of the modal to proceed with paperwork or select ‘I don’t want to supply this info’ and click ‘Skip’.  Skipping the form will allow the employee to continue to the next step of their new hire paperwork.Picture1.png
  • If the new hire decides to complete the survey, they will be prompted with the following checkboxes towards the end of the survey:

    WOTC - FIrst Checkbox - 00.png

    • The first checkbox allows Arvo to confirm if the new hire does or does not belong to the specific qualifying target group. For example, if the new hire indicates that they were an active member of the history, the checkbox allows Arvo to verify the information with the Department of Veterans Affairs. 
    • The second checkbox mirrors what is found on "IRS Form 8850 Pre-Screening Notice and Certification Request for the Work Opportunity Credit". The survey captures the information a new hire would provide to IRS Form 8850 and serves as an electronic form of the paper documentation. Because of this, an electronic signature and attestation that the information is true is required. The image below is an example of the signature and attestation from IRS Form 8850:

      WOTC - Second Checkbox - 00.png


The Policies step is where your new hire will be presented with any policy acknowledgments they need to complete. The types of policies displayed are based on what was set up in your Onboarding module. A new hire cannot proceed past this page without acknowledging every item.

For more information about setting up policies, you can refer to the following article.


Additional Forms

The "Additional Forms" step will only appear if you are using any custom forms. If you are interested in custom forms, please speak with your account manager. 

Review & Sign

On the "Review" and "Sign" steps, the new hire will review all the information that they have entered and sign their paperwork. The signatures are collected via electronic ‘Click’ signature technology and comply with all state and federal regulations.


  • If the new hire has a password, they may be required to complete the signature step. 


  • The new hire will be prompted with their forms and click Click to Sign .


  • After the new hire has completed and submitted their paperwork, they will see a completion message like below. The completion message can be customized from the "New Hire Experience" tab of the Administration page. For more information about the "New Hire Experience", you can refer to the following article.


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