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Compatible Web Browsers and Android/iOS for Arcoro Modules & Products

Web Browser Support

The Arcoro platform is designed to provide browser-neutral service delivery. It is recommended
that you use modern browsers, as we make every attempt to support the latest versions of the
following browsers.

Browser Version
Microsoft Edge Latest*
Mozilla Firefox Latest*
Google Chrome Latest*
Apple Safari Latest*

* Browser updates occur on a schedule outside of our release process and we cannot control issues as a result of a recent browser update. Our overall strategy is to maintain active browser support based on demand. Regardless of formal browser support, we will always troubleshoot and correct issues impacting users to the best of our ability within reasonable means.

Mobile Device Support

Arcoro views mobile device support as a critical capacity for our customers and we continue to add functionality to enhance the user experience on mobile devices. However, with many different devices and device-specific software, it is impossible for Arcoro to test against every possible combination. To help focus our efforts and support Infinity HR, CBIZ, and Totem Tools mobile apps, only the following versions of the iOS and Android operating systems will be supported moving forward from version 1.0.17:

  • iOS: The latest public version and up to one previous version.
  • Android: The latest public version and up to two previous versions.

Devices Already in Use?

If you or your employees are already using our mobile app on older operating systems than listed above, those copies may still work, but will not receive any updates until you update your operating system to the latest supported version(s).

New Users With an Old Operating System?

For Android users with older versions of the Android operating system that are new to our mobile app, they will only be able to install the latest compatible version for their operating system version.

For iOS users with older versions of iOS that are new to our mobile app, they will not be able to install the app until they have updated iOS to the latest supported version(s).

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