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Disabling Location/Cost Code Mapping Requirements for AccountLinx

AccountLinx will generally require that your locations and cost codes are mapped when exporting for payroll purposes. This helps ensure that the time data that flows into your payroll system will understand the data for reporting, job costing, etc. If a location and/or cost code are not mapped when exporting, AccountLinx may give a warning and/or not allow the time data to be exported, depending on the requirements of your payroll system. As some payroll systems allow time data to be imported without the location and/or cost code being mapped, we may offer options for disabling these mapping requirements.

If you are okay with not having that piece of time data when importing into your payroll, your payroll system will allow time data with missing information, and AccountLinx offers options for mapping requirements, you can disable these from the exporter settings.

 Possible Unintended Results

Removing Location and/or Cost Code mapping may impact your payroll if the information is required and can affect reporting if crucial data is missing. 

In the example below, we are using QuickBooks.

  • Go to Tools and click Exporter Settings.


  • Click Configure.


  • Look through the options for anything relating to Location/Cost Code Mapping Required. If the option is available, disable it. If the option is not available, then the mapping requirement cannot be disabled.


  • Save your changes.
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