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SyncLinx/AccountLinx Compatibility Chart

SyncLinx and AccountLinx are compatible with a variety of accounting/payroll applications making your time data entry easier. SyncLinx can copy entities (such as employees, locations, cost codes/activities, etc.) from compatible accounting/payroll applications into your ExakTime system to eliminate data entry. AccountLinx allows you to export time data into a preformatted file or import the data directly into compatible accounting/payroll applications, depending on the import method.

We have provided a chart below with applications/systems compatible with AccountLinx, how time data is imported into them, and if SyncLinx is compatible. Please keep in mind that some accounting/payroll applications may require some additional customization either from your accounting/payroll application (such as non-standard time data modules) or from AccountLinx as accounting/payroll applications offer customizability/options that we cannot account for.

If you have any questions regarding compatibility, feel free to contact us with the "Request Support" link at the top of the page. 

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Special Considerations for New Versions

While it is generally agreed to use the latest version of an application to address any possible bugs or add new features, this can result in incompatibility with other applications that have not yet been updated to connect to newer application versions. 

Before updating your payroll/accounting application, it may be best to contact us to check if we are compatible with a newer version with the "Request Support" link at the top of the page. Updating your accounting/payroll application before we are compatible can result in not being able to use SyncLinx or AccountLinx with your accounting/payroll application.

Compatibility Chart

Accounting/Payroll Application  Export Method? SyncLinx? Special Notes
AccountEdge Import File    
AccountMate Import File    
AccuBuild Construction Software Import File    
Acumatica Direct Connection YES  
AdaptSuite Import File    
ADP EZLaborManager Import File    
ADP PayExpert, PC Payroll, TotalSource & WorkForce Now (Paydata Import) Import File    
ADP PaySpecialist Import File    
ADP Timecard Manager (Time Punches Import) Import File    
AgStar Import File    
BBSI Import File    
BenefitMall DSI Payroll Import File    
Ceridian HR Payroll for Small Business (Redwood/Eagle) Import File    
COBRA Contractors Software Import File YES  
COINS TI Import File YES  
COINS OA Import File    
ComputerEase Import File YES  
Construction Partner Import File    
Construction Payroll Import File    
Corecon Import File    
Evolution Generic TimeClock Import File    
Execupay Payroll Import File    
Famous Import File    
Foundation Software Import File YES  
GlobalShop Import File YES  
Group Management Services (OH) Import File    
Hardhat Direct Connection YES  
Insperity Import File    
ISIS TimeKeeper Import File    
JD Edwards Import File YES  
JOBPOWER Import File    
Jonas Software Import File    
Kronos Direct Connection    
Maestro Import File YES  
Marathon System Services - eCaliper Import File    
Maxwell American Contractor Import File    
Maxwell Systems Management Suite Import File YES  
Maxwell Systems StreetSmarts Import File    
MEMCO Import File    
Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll Transaction Import File    
Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Timesheet Import File    
Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon) Import File YES  
Millennium Integrated Payroll Import File    
MYOB AccountRight & Premier Accounting Import File    
Paychex Flex Import File    
Paychex Preview Import File    
PayChoice Connection Import File    
Paycor (Desktop) Import File    
Paycor Perform Import File    
PENTA Labor Interface Import File & Direct Connection YES  
ProContractor by Viewpoint (previously Maxwell ProContractor MX) Import File YES  
Plexxis Import File    
Procore Direct Connection YES  
QuickBooks Direct Connection YES  
QuickBooks Online Direct Connection YES

Compatible with:

  • Essentials
  • Advanced
  • Plus
Raw Text Import File    
ReadyPay Today Import File    
Sage 50 - Canadian Edition/Simply Accounting - API Direct Connection YES  
Sage 50 - Canadian Edition/Simply Accounting (Prior Version) Import File    
Sage 50 - Quantum (Formerly Peachtree) U.S. Edition Import File    
Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Master Builder) Direct Connection YES  
Sage 100 Standard/Advanced ERP & MAS 90/200 (Timecard import) Import File    
Sage 300 (Accpac) Canadian Payroll Import File    
Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate/Timberline Office Import File & Direct Connection YES  
Sage BusinessVision Direct Connection    
Sage BusinessWorks Import File    
SAP Business One Navigator Project One Direct Connection YES  
SouthWare Import File    
Spectrum Dexter & Chaney Import File YES  
StarBuilder Import File    
STRUCTURE by C/F Data Systems Import File    
SunPac Import File    
The Construction Manager Import File    
TimeZone Import File    
USA Payroll Import File    
Vista by Viewpoint (formerly Viewpoint Construction Software) Import File YES  
Visual ContrAcct Import File    
Key2Act/Wennsoft Import File    
WinTeam Import File    
Workday Direct Connection YES  
WVEIS Import File    
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