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How to Update AccountLinx/SyncLinx to the Latest Version

 All Copies of AccountLinx/SyncLinx Must Be The Same Version

If you are installing or updating AccountLinx/SyncLinx to a newer version, you must update all other copies of AccountLinx/SyncLinx in your office to the same version to limit any delays in using the software.

The latest publicly available version is as of 4/11/2024.

Starting with, AccountLinx will now automatically prompt when opening if a new version is available to help ensure you are using the latest version of AccountLinx. 

 Windows 11 Compatibility

As of June 6th, 2022, AccountLinx/SyncLinx has been verified as fully compatible with Windows 11. 

Updating AccountLinx/SyncLinx is necessary to ensure that you have all the latest features and bug fixes available to you. Depending on the version of AccountLinx you are using, it will prompt you when a new version is available to download and install or you will need to download and run our installation tool when you are aware of a newer version. 

Updating AccountLinx/SyncLinx

For & Above

Starting with AccountLinx, AccountLinx will check if there are any available updates when opening. If there is an available update, you will see a window like below to download and update AccountLinx/SyncLinx. The process of updating AccountLinx/SyncLinx is similar to the process for installing AccountLinx/SyncLinx. 

ALX - Update 4.7 - 00.png

If you choose to skip the offered version, you will not see the update prompt reappear for the offered version. When you are ready to update AccountLinx, you can go to Tools and click Check for Updates to see the "Update Available" window again.

ALX - Update 4.7 - 02.png

If you are skipping the offered version of AccountLinx, please be aware that your colleagues could update their versions of AccountLinx, requiring you to update AccountLinx as well. It is best for you and your colleagues to communicate with each other to ensure that all copies of AccountLinx are updated together or within a similar timeframe.

For manually updating or for version or below

If you are using a version of AccountLinx/SyncLinx at or below or need to manually update, then you will need to manually update AccountLinx/SyncLinx with the below link & steps.

  • Download the AccountLinx updater & installer below. Run/open the installer after the download completes.
  • Follow through with the prompts at the bottom of the window.


  • It will begin to download and install anything necessary for AccountLinx & SyncLinx.


  • After the installer finishes downloading what it needs, it will begin to uninstall AccountLinx if it is an older version first. Otherwise, it will begin to install AccountLinx. Follow the prompts for the installation.

    ALX - Install Update - 00.png

  • When completed, click Finish.

    ALX - Install Update - 06.png

  • When the installation is complete, click Finish.


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