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Open Enrollment - Understanding Exports During and After OE

**See the EDI File Rollover Toolkit for full details and videos

It is important to understand the capabilities of each of the Third Party vendors that you are exporting data to with respect to the period after your Open Enrollment data is delivered.

Most Third Party vendors accept weekly eligibility files which are scheduled through the Data Export feature of the system. These ongoing 'Production' files contain New Hires, Terminations, and Changes associated with the current benefit year.

Generally, Third Party vendors will require that Open Enrollment data (for the upcoming year) be delivered to them several weeks prior to the effective date of the new plan year. However, most vendors cannot accept electronic files for the current year once they have loaded the Open Enrollment data for the new plan year. Therefore, it is a common requirement from Third Parties that New Hires, Terminations, and Changes that occur after the Open Enrollment file is loaded be entered manually via the Third Party website. It will be the responsibility of the client (account) to guarantee that these new hires, terminations, and changes are entered into the system in a timely manner.

It is recommended that all Third Parties (carriers) currently being delivered data to are contacted well in advance of the new year commencement, in order to confirm their requirements related to the delivery and loading of the Open Enrollment data. A sample email template is found within the EDI File OE Rollover Toolkit, for your convenience. Be sure to cc your HRIS Account Manager on this communication, to allow for additional support as needed.

Once data has been received from each third party vendor, be sure to update the schedule for the current live Production file as needed. Many times the current file cannot continue to feed over, as the OE file will then be overridden. Delete the remaining scheduled execution dates on the current file and send changes to carrier manually, up to the new package year start date to avoid issues.

The OE/Rollover File process should be completed for all benefit files, COBRA administration, and payroll deduction files.

File Vendor Disclaimer: If the above-mentioned updates have been made to a benefit structure, this may require an update by both the File Vendor and the carrier. If required changes cannot be made at the carrier level by the OE file delivery date, please let your HRIS Account Manager know immediately, as it may require further action. by the client. Infinity cannot be held responsible for unreported carrier system delays that result in non-delivery of OE files in a timely manner.

The end of the year is a busy time for everyone. It is our goal to communicate clearly with you regarding the status of the delivery and processing of the Open Enrollment Eligibility files. It is also important that you take an active role in ensuring that these files are successfully processed.

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