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Open Enrollment - OE Carrier File Sent TEMPLATE

The end of the year is a busy time for everyone. It is our goal to communicate clearly with you regarding the status of the delivery and processing of the Open Enrollment Eligibility files. It is also important that you take an active role in ensuring that these files are successfully processed.

As each Open Enrollment electronic eligibility file is delivered to the appropriate Third Party, it is best practice to request that the Third Party be requested to notify both the client and Account Manager once the file has been successfully processed by sending a load receipt and/or report. Going forward, the carrier will provide you with a load and/or discrepancy report. Please review these reports carefully as they hold information such as terms, changes, and additions. Any employee that has dropped from the file without a termination date will populate on that report. Those errors should be addressed timely, as the carrier will NOT term by omission (employees will not be terminated from a carrier’s system simply because they are not on a file). This may lead to additional billing for terminated employees.

Please note any changes after load date for the current year will need to be manually updated with the carrier until the new benefit year begins.

Email Template

SUBJECT LINE: [insert client name] OE [insert package start date] – [insert file name]




Good afternoon [carrier],

This file has been successfully executed. Unless otherwise requested, there will be no other file sent for this benefit until the first scheduled file of the new package year. All changes will be handled by the client manually until commencement of the new package year.

  1. Please confirm you have received the file
  2. Please note the date and time of execution (see Image below)
  3. First scheduled file date is [1/04/2017]
  4. Please be sure to provide a load/discrepancy report directly to the client at their email address:



Thank you,

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