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Open Enrollment - OE File Rollover Final Checklist

Final Checks: Things to confirm, just before you send the file.

Review the remaining dates for the current production file. We want to avoid the scenarios:

  • Sending the OE file while a current year file is processing. This can be done by confirming with carrier before sending the OE file.
  • Sending a current year file after the OE file has been sent. This is addressed by deleting remaining schedule dates after the OE file has been sent.

Properties tab

  • Export is out of Test Mode
  • Export is not configured to send to export history only. Typically, should be FTP or SFTP
    • If other than SFTP- make sure there is pgp encryption
  • Confirm the checkbox: Include Terminated Dependents from Change Log (Export Reason = 'Coverage Terminated.'). is not checked.
  • Export Effective Date is set to the new package effective date. (unless benefits are off cycle)

Benefits tab

  • Correct benefits are selected. Note especially the Carriers for the benefits selected.
  • Only if Explicit Terms are required:
    • Are the current benefits also included?
    • If Explicit Terms being sent – Did you run the utility? **Best practice is to run this utility just prior to sending the OE file, keeping in mind the utility does not run on demand, but as a system process.
    • Check an example in both the Employee and Dependent records if possible to confirm data sent correctly.

Formatting tab

  • Check the mapping for hard coded dates
    • Hard coded dates are needed for explicit terms
    • Hard coded dates are typically not needed otherwise.
    • Check the Employee Record.
    • Check the Dependent Record.

Well done! Send the OE file.

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