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Open Enrollment - Scheduled Production File Rollover Final Checklist

Final Checks: Things to confirm, before leaving the Production file, to know that it is 100% ready for the upcoming year

Properties tab

  • Export is out of Test Mode
  • Export is not configured to send to export history only. Typically, should be FTP or SFTP
    • If other than SFTP- make sure there is pgp encryption
  • Confirm the checkbox: Include Terminated Dependents from Change Log (Export Reason = 'Coverage Terminated.') is checked.
  • Export Effective Date is set to the new package effective date. (unless benefits are off cycle)

Benefits tab

  • Correct Package/Benefits are selected. *Note especially the Carriers for the benefits selected.
  • Validate Group by Codes

Formatting tab

  • Check the mapping for hard coded dates
    • Hard coded dates are typically not needed.
      • Exception are some FSA files.
      • You can always reference the current file or reach out to EDI if in doubt.
    • Check the Employee Record.
    • Check the Dependent Record.

Schedule tab

  • Check that the schedule is correct and that any required dependencies are listed properly.

Now you are all done.

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