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Portal Text Configuration for Employee Portal of Core HR

The 'Portal Text' tab allows you to configure a custom message that will appear on the Employee Portal under Announcements. This text is commonly used to communicate companywide messages such as announcements, special instructions, welcome messages, etc.

Navigating to Employee Portal Configuration
  • Expand Setup and click Setup Properties from the menu.


  • Hover over 'Employee Portal Setup' and click Employee Portal.


  • Click the Portal Text tab.



There will be columns for:

  • Date - The date of the portal text. Clicking the date will allow
  • Title - The headline/title of the portal text.
  • Short Description - The description that will be displayed from the Employee Portal.
  • Description - The long-form description that will be displayed when viewing the details.
  • Display Order
  • Active
  • Checkbox - Use the provided checkbox.

The Actions drop-down menu allows you to:


Adding New Portal Text

  • Click Add New from the Actions drop-down menu.


  • Compose your portal text:


    • Post Date - Messages can be posted immediately, or future date using the 'Post Date' field
    • Display Order - Allows you to display messages in a specific order
    • Active Headline - The message will not display unless the 'Active Headline' box is checked. 
      • It can help to set up your portal text prior early and set it to 'Inactive', then make it 'Active' when needed. 
    • Headline - A short, 30-character preview that is viewable in the Announcement widget of the Employee Portal homepage.
    • Short Description - Displayed on the Announcement widget on the Employee Portal homepage.
    • Long Description - Viewed when an Employee clicks on the 'More' button in the Announcement widget on the Employee Portal homepage.
  • Click Save & View when finished.

Deleting Portal Text

  • Select the portal text(s) to delete.


  • Click Delete Selected Records from the Actions drop-down menu.


  • Confirm the deletion of the portal text. 


What Employees See

  • On the Employee Portal homepage, your employees will see the headline and the short description. The examples below are for the 'New Dashboard' theme. 


  • Clicking More... will show the long description.


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