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Overview of Employee Portal Options and Configuration for Core HR

The Employee Portal Set Up allows you to configure various content and functions your employees will have access to when logged into the portal. There are 11 tabs on this screen. These tabs will allow the administrator to configure the portal user experience from logos, announcements, quick links to important HR functions to event management and benefit statements.

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Navigating to Employee Portal Configuration
  • Expand Setup and click Setup Properties from the menu.


  • Hover over 'Employee Portal Setup' and click Employee Portal.



Note: As you are working through each tab, notice that there are help icons to explain the purpose of each feature. Hover over the blobid0.png to view information on that field.

Available Tabs

Use any of the provided links to learn more about the options available for your tabs.

  • Company - Manage your company information, additional Contact Information in case your primary point of contact is not the same as your Core HR Administrator), and company logo.
  • Themes - Choose a theme for their employee portal.
  • Portal Text - Configure custom messages that will appear under Announcements in your Employee Portal. 
  • Modules - Specify which Core HR Modules are available from the Employee Portal. 
  • Quick Links - Specify which links will appear under the Quick Links section of the Employee Portal such as Direct Deposit and State Tax info. 
    • Direct Deposit
    • State Tax Info
  • Portal Links - Configure links to other websites for the Employee Portal. Requires the 'New Dashboard' theme. 
  • Company Links - Configure links to internal content/resources.  
  • Documents - Upload and manage documents for your employee such as employee handbooks. 
  • Events - Select the events that will be available for your employees to update their information from the Employee Portal. 
  • Access - Specify the IP addresses that your employees can access the Employee Portal from. 
  • Benefit Statements - Specify the benefit statements that your employees can view if Benefit Statements are enabled from the Modules tab. 

Previewing Your Adjustments

While setting up and configuring what your employees will see from their Employee Homepage, it can be beneficial to view your own or view your employee's Employee Portal homepage to view your changes and undo any changes if necessary. 

If you have pop-up blockers enabled, you may need to temporarily allow pop-ups to view the Employee Portal Home Page.

Viewing Your Own Employee Homepage

Click your profile photo in the top right corner and click View My Employee Homepage while logged in as an Administrator. Your Employee Portal home page will open in another tab.


Viewing an Employees Homepage

  • To view the Employee Portal of another for their perspective, you can expand Employee Homepage and click View Homepage from the menu.


  • You should view the Employee Portal Home Page in another tab with a red bar to let you know who you are currently signed in as.


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